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10th OctoberWittgenstein versus Dawkins
Professor Simon Blackburn (Cambridge)
24th OctoberAbsurdities of Life - Love, Luck and McTaggart's Cat
Dr Peter Cave (Open)
31st OctoberDawkins' Case Against Religion
Professor Peter Lipton (Cambridge)
7th NovemberThe Perils of Darwinian Ethics
Dr Tim Lewens (Cambridge)
14th NovemberJesus! What Was That?
Dr Mike Gilchrist (Theology, CUAAS member)

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## Michaelmas 2005
Thursday 19th JanuaryUnion debate
Thursday 26th JanuaryUnion debate
Thursday 2nd February Discussion: subject tba
Thursday 9th February'The God that Wasn't There'Video presentationQueens' Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College
Thursday 16th February'They REALLY Believe: How Conversion-based Movements are Reshaping Religion'Dr David Lehmann (Social Science, Cambridge)Harrods Room, Emmanuel College
Thursday 23rd February'Is Christianity Reasonable?'Peter Hitchins (Mail on Sunday journalist, author and broadcaster)
Thursday 2nd March'The Political Theology of Modern Catholicism'Dr Emile Perreau-Saussine (Cambridge)
Thursday 9th March'The Intelligent Design Controversy'Dr Arif Ahmed (Philosophy, Girton College, Cambridge)Upper Hall, Emmanuel College
Thursday 16th MarchWilliam James' Philosophy of Religion Dr Eric James (Philosophy, Corpus Christi, Cambridge)Harrods Room, Emmanuel College
Thursday 6th OctoberSquash Come and meet the committee and other members, ask questions, have a chat, and enjoy some free grub! Special discounted membership available on the day.Squash will run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm or so, but, for this informal event, feel free to arrive and leave any time. It is FREE for all.The Squash will be held in the Timmy Hele Room (Green Room) in Emmanuel College - just look for the signs from the Porter's Lodge onwards.
Thursday 13th OctoberAre the Gospels Anti-semitic?Professor G A Wells (Birkbeck, London) The Old Library in Emmanuel College Professor Wells is the author of no fewer than eight books on early Christianity in which he shows the inadequacy of much mainstream NT scholarship and advances his own radical re-evaluation of Christian origins. In this talk he will be examining the complex relationship of early Christians (as epitomized by the authors of the canonical Gospels) with the ancient culture from which their own faith sprang. It will, you can be sure, include contentious insights; anyone interested in the NT, Judaism, ancient history, or indeed the history of Jews in Christendom down to the present day, should come along.
Thursday 20th OctoberThe Evolution of ReligionProfessor Donald Broom (Animal Welfare; St Catherine's, Cambridge)Angevin Room in Queens' CollegeThe author of a book on this subject (along with many contributions to the field of animal ethics), Professor Broom is also a Christian. So, expect a contentious thesis and many points of debate after the talk!
Thursday 27th OctoberScience and Religion: The Immersion SolutionProfessor Peter Lipton (Head of the Department of History & Philosophy of Science, Cambridge)The Old Kitchens in Queens' College. 'One way to resolve the cognitive tensions between science and religion is to give up on the religion. But there are many other options, because there are many different ways to interpret both science and religion. I will sketch one particular interpretation of religion, inspired by recent work in the philosophy of science and Psychic reading. According to this 'immersion solution', we give religious texts a literal interpretation, we make various uses of those texts, but we do not believe that what they say is true. This interpretation supports a religious form of life but is compatible with agnosticism and perhaps even with atheism.'
Thursday 3rd NovemberWhat Should an Atheist or Agnostic Say About Human Dignity?Dr Richard Ashcroft (Medical Ethics; Imperial, London)Venue to be confirmed
Thursday 10th NovemberAre Religions Fictions?Professor Simon Blackburn (Philosophy; Trinity, Cambridge)Venue to be confirmed
Thursday 17th NovemberThe Peppered Moth: Evolution in Black and WhiteDr Michael Majerus (Evolution; Clare, Cambridge)Venue to be confirmed
Thursday 24th NovemberIs Britain Still a Secular Society?Dr Evan Harris MP (Epidemiologist & MP for Oxford West)Venue to be confirmed
Thursday 1st DecemberThe God That Wasn't ThereVideo presentationVenue to be confirmed