CUAAS’s Lending Library

CUAAS is proud to announce that it now has a lending library of over 300 volumes available FREE to all members. This collection consists of books of popular science, philosophy, and critical religious studies, and a number of humanist magazines. Our collection is housed by the CUAAS librarian, Den.

We would like the library to be a valuable resource for inquiry into humanistic topics. Members will be able to study recent humanist journals, as well as books, all accessible to the intelligent non-specialist reader, on topics such as cosmology, biological evolution, applied ethics, objective examination of religious beliefs, and many other aspects of the ‘rationalist world-view’.


Below is a list of the library’s current holdings. If you are interested in a particular area or subject and would like assistance in identifying relevant material, please contact Den who will be more than happy to suggest and assist in finding what you are after.

CUAAS Lending Library

Fermat's Last TheoremAczel, Amir D
Last Chance to SeeAdams, Douglas/Carwardine, Mark
Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence, TheAlexander, H G (ed)
Philosophy: An Introduction to the Central DebatesAlmond, Brenda
Prior and Posterior AnalyticsAristotle
Theories of LifeArthur, Wallace
Life on EarthAttenborough, David
Quest Under CapricornAttenborough, David
Galaxies & other Deep Sky ObjectsAudubon
Language, Truth and LogicAyer, A J
More of My LifeAyer, A J
Problem of Knowledge, TheAyer, A J
What I Believe Ayer, A J et al
Artful Universe, TheBarrow, John D
Origin of the Universe, TheBarrow, John D
Theories of EverythingBarrow, John D
World Within the World, The Barrow, John D
Cranks, Quarks and the Cosmos Bernstein, Jeremy
Being Good: a Short Introduction to Ethics Blackburn, Simon
Meme Machine, The Blackmore, Susan
Consolation of Philosophy, The Boethius
New Applications of Mathematics Bondi, Christine (ed)
Water Logicde Bono, Edward
Ordering of Time, The: From the Ancient Computus to the Modern Computer Borst, Arno
Masters of TimeBoslough, John
Looking for Earths: the Race to Find New Solar Systems Boss, Alan
Are We Alone in the Cosmos Bova, Ben/Preiss, Byron
Charles Darwin: A Man of Enlarged Curiousity Brent, Peter
A Short Course on Humanism British Humanist Association
General Statement of Policy British Humanist Association
Humanist News Autumn 2001 British Humanist Association
Humanist News Autumn 2002 British Humanist Association
Humanist News Summer 2001 British Humanist Association
What is Humanism?British Humanist Association
Darwin Wars, TheBrown, Andrew
Music and the Emotions: the Philosophical Theories Budd, Malcolm
Covenant of the Wild, The Budiansky, Stephen
Quotable Einstein, The Calaprice, Alice (ed)
How Brains ThinkCalvin, William H
Campus Freethinker Fall 2000 Campus Freethought Alliance
Campus Freethinker Spring 2001Campus Freethought Alliance
Tao of Physics, TheCapra, Fritjof
Turning Point, TheCapra, Fritjof
Great Ape Project, TheCavalieri, Paola/Singer, Peter (eds)
A Man on the MoonChaikin, Andrew
Afterglow of Creation Chown, Marcus
Prehistoric SocietiesClark, Grahame/Piggott, Stuart
Moral Status of Animals, The Clark, Stephen R L
How the World Was One: Beyond the Global Village Clarke, Arthur C
Why Big Fierce Creatures are Rare Colinvaux, Paul
Commonsense Winter 2001 Commonsense
Introduction to Logic Copi, Irving M
Rationalists, TheCottingham, John
Astonishing Hypothesis, The Crick, Francis
Skeptical Inquirer March/April 2002CSICOP
Origin of Species, The Darwin, Charles
Are We Alone?Davies, Paul
Edge of the Universe, The Davies, Paul
God and the New Physics Davies, Paul
Last Three Minutes, The Davies, Paul
Mind of God, TheDavies, Paul
Matter Myth, TheDavies, Paul/Gribbin, John
Blind Watchmaker, TheDawkins, Richard
Climbing Mount Improbable Dawkins, Richard
Extended Phenotype, The Dawkins, Richard
River out of EdenDawkins, Richard
Selfish Gene, TheDawkins, Richard
Unweaving the RainbowDawkins, Richard
BrainstormsDennett, Daniel C
Darwin's Dangerous Idea Dennett, Daniel C
Kinds of Minds: Towards an Understanding of Consciousness Dennett, Daniel C
A Discourse on Method, Meditations and Principles Descartes, Rene
Fabric of Reality, The Deutsch, David
Goodbye Descartes: the End of Logic and the Search for a New Cosmology of the MindDevlin, Keith
Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee, The Diamond, Jared
Why is Sex Fun?Diamond, Jared
Challenging the Verdict: A Cross-Examination of Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ'Doherty, Earl
Jesus Puzzle, TheDoherty, Earl
Disturbing the Universe Dyson, Freeman
Jesus One Hundred Years Before Christ: A Study in Creative Mythology Ellegard, Alvar
Character of Physical Law, The Feynman, Richard P
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter Feynman, Richard P
Gorillas in the MistFossey, Dian
Jesus Mysteries, The Freke, Timothy/Gandy, Peter
Lottery of Life, The Frossard, Phillipe
Night is Large, TheGardner, Martin
What is Philosophy? Gasset, Jose Ortega y
Darwin George, Wilma
Chaos Gleick, James
How the Leopard Changed Its SpotsGoodwin, Brian
Hubble's UniverseGoodwin, Simon
An Urchin in the Storm Gould, Stephen Jay
Bully for Brontosaurus Gould, Stephen Jay
Eight Little PiggiesGould, Stephen Jay
Ever Since DarwinGould, Stephen Jay
Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes Gould, Stephen Jay
Mismeasure of Man, TheGould, Stephen Jay
Questioning the Millenium Gould, Stephen Jay
Human Brain, The Greenfield, Susan
In Search of SUSYGribbin, John
In Search of the Double Helix Gribbin, John
In Search of the Edge of Time Gribbin, John
Richard FeynmanGribbin, John & Mary
Being Human Gribbin, John/Gribbin, Mary
Stuff of the Universe, The Gribbin, John/Rees, Martin
Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science Gribbin, John/White, Michael
Mountain Has Many Paths, The Griffith-Dickson, Gwen
Predictions: 30 Great Minds on the Future Griffiths, Sian (ed)
Inflationary Universe, The Guth, Alan H
Languages of Logic, The Guttenplan, Samuel
Philosophy of Logics Haack, Susan
Scientific Revolution 1500-1800, The: the Formation of the Scientific Attitude Hall, A R
Fundamentals of Philosophy Harris, Errol E
Dawn of a Millenium style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Harth, Erich
Black Holes and Baby Universes and other essays Hawking, Stephen
Pattern on the Stone, The: the Simple Ideas That Make Computers Work Hillis, W Daniel
Religion and Darwinism Hinde, Robert
Humanist AnthologyHnight, Margaret (ed)
Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Hofstadter, Douglas R
An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis Hospers, John
Our Place in the Universe Hoyle, Fred/Wickramasinghe, Chandra
Philosophy of Biology, The Hull, David L/Ruse, Michael
Essays in Popular Science Huxley, Julian
Burning House, TheIngram, Jay
Classical ThoughtIrwin, Terence
Contest for the Heavens: The Road to the Challenger Disaster Jensen, Claus
Fire in the MindJohnson, George
In The Blood: God, Genes and Destiny Jones, Steve
Language of the Genes, The Jones, Steve
At Home in the Universe: the Search for Laws of Complexity Kauffman, Stuart
Euthanasia: the Good Death Kennedy, Ludovic
What is Faith?: Essays in the Philosophy of Religion Kenny, Anthony
Wittgenstein Kenny, Anthony
Lives to Come, TheKitcher, Philip
Mathematics in Western Culture Kline, Morris
Race Gallery, TheKohn, Marek
Fifth Essence, TheKrauss, Lawrence
Quintessence: the Mystery of Missing Mass in the Universe Krauss, Lawrence
Humanist Manifesto 2000 Kurtz, Paul
Philosophy Files, TheLaw, Stephen
Origins Reconsidered: In Search of What Makes Us Human Leakey, Richard/Lewin, Roger
Sixth Extinction, TheLeakey, Richard/Lewin, Roger
Philosophical WritingsLeibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm
Tuva or Bust! Richard Feynman's Last Journey Leighton, Ralph
Reappraisals of the Scientific Revolution Lindberg, David C/Westman, Robert S (ed)
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Locke, John
King Solomon's Ring Lorenz, Konrad Z
On Aggression Lorenz, Konrad Z
Gaia: a New Look at Life on Earth Lovelock, J E
Fire From Ice: the Cold Fusion Furore Mallove, Eugene F
A Short Course on Humanism Mason, Marilyn
Very First Light, TheMather, John C/Boslough, Johhn
Unravelling the Mind of God Matthews, Robert
Problems of Biology, The Maynard Smith, John
Theory of Evolution, The Maynard Smith, John
ExplorationsMcConnell, Malcolm
Challenge of Pain, TheMelzack, Ronald/Wall, Patrick
Prehistory of the Mind, The Mithen, Steven
Chance and Necessity Monod, Jacques
Essays and Selected Writings Montaigne, Michel de
Descent of the Child, The Morgan, Elaine
Descent of Woman, The Morgan, Elaine
Mind Children Morovec, Hans
Evolution and Healing Nesse, Randolph M/Williams, George C
Philosophy of Science, The Nidditch, P H (ed)
How We Die Nuland, Sherwin B
Wisdom of the Body, The Nuland, Sherwin B
Is Today's World as Expected? Offprint
Descartes Open University
Locke Open University
Poetry of the Universe Osserman, Robert
Blackfoot Physics Peat, F David
Emperor's New Mind, The Penrose, Roger
Shadows of the Mind Penrose, Roger
Language Instinct, The Pinker, Steven
Wittgenstein: A Collection of Critical Essays Pitcher, George
Last Days of Socrates, The Plato
Phaedrus & Letters VII and VII Plato
Republic, The Plato
Symposium, The Plato
Timaeus and Critias Plato
Darwin Machines and the Nature of Knowledge Plotkin, Henry
Signs of Life Pollack, Robert
Philosophy Made Simple Popkin, Richard H/Stroll, Avrum
Invisible Invaders, The Radetsky, Peter
Links Between the BHA and Local Humanist Groups Rationalist Press Association
New Humanist Autumn 2001 Rationalist Press Association
New Humanist Autumn 2002 Rationalist Press Association
New Humanist June 2000Rationalist Press Association
New Humanist March 2000 Rationalist Press Association
New Humanist Spring 2002 Rationalist Press Association
New Humanist Winter 2001 Rationalist Press Association
Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck?Raup, David M
DescartesRee, Jonathan
Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition Regis, Ed
Archaeology and Language; the Puzzle of Indo-European Origins Renfrew, Colin
Philosophy & Sociology of Science: an Introduction Richards, Stewart
Genome: the Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters Ridley, Matt
Origins of Virtue, TheRidley, Matt
Red Queen, TheRidley, Matt
Pagan ChristsRobertson, J M
Unheeded Cry, TheRollin, Bernard E
LifelinesRose, Steven/Lewontin, Richard C/Kamin, Leon J
Not in Our Genes: Biology, Ideology and Human Nature Rose, Steven/Lewontin, Richard C/Kamin, Leon J
Infinity and the MindRucker, Rudy
Conquest of Happiness, The Russell, Bertrand
History of Western Philosophy Russell, Bertrand
Problems of Philosophy, The Russell, Bertrand
White Hole in Time, The Russell, Peter
Broca's BrainSagan, Carl
Cosmic Connection, TheSagan, Carl
Dragons of Eden, TheSagan, Carl
Laboratory EarthSchneider, Stephen H
Minds, Brains and Science Searle, John
Methods of Ethics, The Sedgwick, Henry
Games of Life Sigmund, Karl
Marx Singer, Peter
Applied Ethics Singer, Peter (ed)
In Defence of Animals Singer, Peter (ed)
Reproduction Revolution, The: New Ways of Making Babies Singer, Wells/Wells, Deane
Philosophy of Mind, The: An Introduction Smith, Peter/Jones, O R
Life of the Cosmos, The Smolin, Lee
Wrinkles in TimeSmoot, George/Davidson, Keay
Intellectual Impostures Sokal, Alan/Bricmont, Jean
Cultural BabbageSpufford, Francis/Uglow, Jenny (eds)
A Modern Elementary Logic Stebbing, L Susan
Crick, Watson & DNA Strathern, Paul
Future ShockToffler, Alvin
Engineer in the Garden, The Tudge, Colin
Tao Te ChingTzu, Lao
Wisdom of Bones, TheWalker, Alan/Shipman, Pat
Philosophy: The BasicsWarburton, Nigel
Meaningful Life: the Importance of Being Human Ward, Charles L
End of Evolution, TheWard, Peter
Women PhilosophersWarnock, Mary (ed)
QI: the Quest for Intelligence Warwick, Kevin
Curious and Interesting NumbersWells, David
Acts of the Apostles, The: A Historical Record? Wells, G A
Did Jesus Exist?Wells, G A
Goethe and the Development of Science 1750-1900 Wells, G A
Historical Evidence for Jesus, The Wells, G A
Jesus Legend, TheWells, G A
Jesus Myth, TheWells, G A
Who was Jesus?Wells, G A
Construction of Modern Science, The: Mechanisms and Mechanics Westfall, Richard S
Plan and Purpose in Nature Williams, George C
Exons, Introns & Talking Genes Wills, Christopher
Diversity of Life, TheWilson, E O
NaturalistWilson, E O
Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence Wrangham, Richard/Peterson, Dale